Business connectivity is a basic need for all enterprises. Our connectivity solutions help enterprises meet this need with state-of-the-art technology and carrier-grade quality. Our enterprise Internet and voice solutions over cloud and physical telephone lines simplify connectivity between and within enterprises, while also ensuring all-round connectivity. 


Internet Leased Line

Ensure sustained performance with dedicated internet connectivity.


Aid your business growth with quick and easy to deploy Primary Rate Interface(PRI) voice solutions.

SIP Trunk

Support business scalability with up to 1500 voice channels over a single link.

Toll Free Services

Ensure round the clock access for every stakeholder.


Business connectivity solution.


Connect business locations directly, securely and with dedicated bandwidth.

Content Delivery Network(CDN) Service

Deliver high quality content,closer to your users.

International Bridging Service

Efficient cross-border communication for businesses.

Smart VPN

Enable cross-geography inter-office secure connectivity for businesses.

L2 Multicast Service

Deliver video content across geographies, securely and optimally.


Connect all your offices and save on calls with Centrex solutions.